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  • Andreya

Stressfully Yours


The reoccurring theme in this issue seems to be creating around ourself, this idea of a “No Stress Zone” and eliminating stress completely. It’s easy to ask ourselves why on earth we put up with something that can cause us so much stress. Whoever asked that question guenuinely, was not an artist.

Art is my addiction – I couldn’t quit it if I tried. I don't know what I would do without somewhere to vomit my imagination onto others (probably pass out). Dancing makes me feel as if I am connected to the earth and that I can move my body in whatever shape I think of. Sketching soothes me and photography keeps me energized!

I’ve finally begun to understand that the source of my stress is external as well as internal: Having to argue with my own imagination is half the battle. Add that to the need for appreciation and zen is out the window.

I have never had a particularly embarrasing audition like Sofia but I do know every audition I probably peed my pants (wait, thats embarrasing). I would become nervous and feel exremely unprepared.

So how do we cope with this beast causing us endless headaches and skipped classes? We just do. Of course there are a ton of ways that we can improve our health to increase our energy and to help us relax. I personally think the best way for teenagers to decrease the chances of a stressful situation is to stop procrastinating! Get a calendar make time and manage your time. This past month has been making me incredibly anxious for a number of reasons but in those moments that I relaxed, I felt infinite. God, I love cheese.

We had a blackout yesterday as I was trying to patch this issue together and for the first time in a long time, my mind was quiet, everything was quiet. It was the most relaxed that I had felt since summer. I’m always rushing around, filling up my schedule until it is splitting at the seems. I have some weird case of silent hyperactive disorder. So when those moments do come, I just take them and chill.

This sounds a lot like a Journal entry but tons of things have been happening lately.

I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome our wonderful new team who I have the privilege of working with – you are all brilliant and I don’t deserve you. I do wish we could have 200 people working for Mimpmag at one time but as you can see, my life is a disaster and this team has held me together with bits of scotch tape. A special shout out to our Advice columnist Isabella Sheffield who is beyond anything I could have asked for and to Gabbie who made a religion dedicated to finding Nemo (inside joke), and Meliss for being fabulous as always. I am so proud of what has been accomplished this month and of what is to come.


To finish this off really messily, the arts are a huge part of my life and the Mimpmag team and this issue really touched my heart. I wanted this issue to speak for itself and it most certainly has. We have the gorgeous Celina Parente as our cover girl this month who is super talented and lovely and I need to stop babbling…

Okay, I’m off to do yet another thing that I do. Talk to you guys later,

Sincerely relaxed,


Editor and Chief

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