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  • Sabrina Capista

The Non-Bra Bra

Life is, like, 13 times better without a bra.

There’s something about lace bralettes that make you want to just roll around the bed of a dingy hotel room and sing Lana Del Rey (not at all a personal experience or anything....).

But seriously, none of us can get enough of the lace bralette! It’s the perfect little piece of lingerie, equally cute and comfortable...does anyone actually like wearing bras? I certainly don’t, especially after returning from my trip from Italy and realizing life is like 13 times better without a bra. Unfortunately going braless is not always appropriate, so bralettes are the perfect in between. They look adorable under just about anything (and pretty sexy on its own).

Ever since the beginning of this bralette phenomenon, I’ve wanted to make my very own bralettes because as someone who has fully functioning sewing skills, spending $30 on two pieces of lace is totally ridiculous, right?

So when a friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in a bralette-making workshop in Toronto, I jumped at the opportunity! Despite my friends and I being a little late, we caught on super quickly and had fun doing it. As aspiring designers we always want to learn something new, especially when it comes to pretty little things like these.

After seeing how much all of our friends loved and wanted bralettes of their own, my sewing partner in crime, Elisa Gentile, and I decided it would be completely stupid of us not to start making and selling them to you guys! So were opening this up to all the lovely Mimp readers directly. All of you prissy (and cool) young women totally deserve fab little bralettes of your own. Anyone who is interested in her custom-made lingerie piece contact us and we’ll give you all the details.


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