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  • Melissa Marzetti

Things We Put On Our Face: A FRESH START


January is a weird time for hair and makeup. we have the perfect combo for hair and makeup transition you from glitters and reds to a fresh, yet still winter-worthy look.


Living in Canada has lead me to keep some form of face,hand or body lotion in every single one of my bags. The most important thing when applying face makeup in the winter is to moisturize!

My go to regime is a light BB cream, concealer to cover any blemishes, and a cream blush to add some colour to my almost translucent-winter skin.


The easiest way to do your hair when its 6:00 am and your'e contemplating looking presentable for school is beachy waves. My sea salt spray recipe has a secret ingredient that I refuse to live without!


1 Tbs sea salt

1 Tbs melted coconut oil

2 Cups of warm water

Kevin Murphy Beach Resort Product (secret ingredient!)

Spray bottle


Mix all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake until dissolved, thats it!

Spray into dry hair an twist, spray at root and tousle hair until perfectly messy.

The salt gives your hair texture, the coconut oil gives it shine and the Kevin Murphy Beach Resort leaves your hair with a bit of a shine and smells like the beach!

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