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Broke Becky

Art by Calita Hin

Dear Isabella,

Some of my friends complimented me on this really cute dress that I wore to school. But I feel like when I told them where it was from, they took their compliment back. I can't afford crazy expensive things like them and I feel inadequate when we go to parties. Should I stop telling them where I get my clothes or should I lie?

-Broke Becky


Friends are supposed to be there to build on your confidence and to make you feel good about yourself. If they only care about the amount of money you have or haven’t spent on an outfit, then you definitely should talk to them. Wearing things that aren’t from the most expensive stores is not a crime, and it can be fun! Thrifting and finding clothes that way gives you an edge no one else has, because you are wearing things you can’t buy from Forever 21 or H&M. The amount of money you spend on an outfit shouldn’t matter, if you are looking and feeling like you know you are the business, than work it girl. Fashion is all about taking risks, experimenting, having fun and not caring about how much things cost or where you bought it from. So don’t lie to your friends about where you buy your clothes or stop telling them, if they can’t accept you for doing you, than I know a ton of girls out there who would jump at the chance to have a friend that is killing the fashion game and who is on a budget!


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