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Some photos from our shoot

Written and photographed 

by Andreya Klobucar

and Melissa Marzetti

The Sister act


Sab + Sof 


Television or Movies?



Divergent series or hunger games?




Matt Healy or Alex Turner?

You didn’t just throw that on me, ahhh Matt Healy


Instagram or tumblr?



Brook and Peyton or Serena and Blair?

Brooke and Peyton


James or Dave Franco?



Coffee or tea?



Ultravoilence or born to die?



Breakfast club or breakfast club?

It’s impossible. I want the readers of mimp to judge if that’s a fair question? I can’t answer that one. 

Johnny Depp or Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Johnny Depp


Clueless or Angus thongs and perfect snogging?



James Franco or Seth rogen?

James Franco


Films or books?



No good deed or I dreamed a dream?

No good deed


Rachel Gatina’s cottage or carrie bradshaws loft?

Rachel Gatina’s cottage


Pop art or classical?



Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie?

Urban outfitters


Get to know the ultimate sister-sister team ...


Mimp got the duo to interview themselves about where they're going and how they plan to get there. 


Local and inexpensive shooting locations become less and less appealing as your visions for a shoot becomes more appealing. We tell this to our cover girl sister team, who wave away our ever changing inspirations and locations. Sofia,16, claims to be freezing her butt off, but for a good cause. Canadian winters are not so ideal for a photo shoot. 


Comforted by the local cafe, the 17 year old fashion designer (Sabrina) shares stories with our editor meliss about their encounters in Italy- which turn out to be halarious and surprising. Ordering French fries and water doesn't seem to appease our waitress- we were really only in there for the warmth. 


We snap a few pics of French fry eating and uncontrollable laughter as we share stories and brace ourselves for another go at getting some shots!


To get more of a realistic look into their lives, they took us back to their house where we got a chance to shoot in a more personal setting. From the pink sofa in Sab's sewing room to the feathered lamp on the night table we caught a glimpse into their little world. We hoped to capture what it feels like for them to be sisters.


Sabrina: What or who influences your personal style?

Sofia: Same thing like you said, media, instagram, tumblr, instagram, my friends, seeing what they put together and not exactly replicate it but use that with my own style make it a bit more edgy or preppie depending on how I’m feeling that day.


Sabrina: What interests you most about working in the film industry?

Sofia: When I would see people in T.V shows, or movies. Right after I started watching One Tree Hill I think that’s when it really started because Sofia bush is one of my inspirations in the acting world


The way the characters in the show made me feel and how they pulled me into their world, I wanted to be able to do that to other people, and give them the hope that they would feel within the show; I wanted to give that to people. Now I’ve strayed a little from the acting I don’t know if I still want to do acting, maybe I do, but right now I’m discovering what its like to be behind the scenes, I’m doing a film course next semester and I’ll see what that is like, to direct and maybe ill go that way. I feel like people in the background don’t get enough credit. I’m also interested in the music side of it, making sound tracks for films because I’m really into different kinds of music, and I think it can really make or break a movie


Sabrina: If you the chance to get a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now. Where would you go? I know you want to see everywhere and go everywhere, but right now…

Sofia: I’m not going to say Italy, because I’m doing that this summer, so I’m going to cross that off, but right now if I had a plane ticket to go anywhere?

I don’t know, this is way to hard. I’m going to say…

Greece, I think.






Sofia: What are your plans after high school?

Sabrina: Go to university, get accepted into Ryerson University for fashion design, and get an internship, ideally at a magazine.


Sofia: When did you decide when you wanted to get into fashion?

Sabrina:  feel so embarrassed answering this question; I think I’ve always known I wanted to get into fashion, or the arts in general. Even before fashion, it was always dance or acting or something in the arts. It’s once I started sewing classes that I realized getting into fashion is something that I could do, and get a career in the future, making a living off of. Its fun, its something that I like to do.


Sofia: who/ what inspires your designs?

Sabrina: I think it depends; I can get inspiration just about anything. It depends on movies, or books characters, someone on the streets, or tumblr, its always changing



The Interview.